Portable Integrated System For GIS Applications – 24/07/2012


Altus Positioning Systems, USA, has announced its new handheld ProCyon system for GIS applications. The new system integrates the flexible, rugged Psion WORKABOUT PRO handheld computer with Altus’s APS-3 RTK GNSS receiver for a GIS data-acquisition platform.

The ProCyon system delivers one-centimetre RTK accuracy using an external antenna, integrated camera and quad-band GSM modem. Additionally, the ProCyon has hardware expansion slots, making the addition of new modules fast and easy, as well as a range of available add-ons, including fingerprint scanners and the largest selection of RFID readers on any handheld device.

The ProCyon Windows Mobile operating system accommodates ESRI ArcPad and ArcGIS applications. Both programs utilise NMEA messages that are standard outputs from the integrated GNSS receiver in the ProCyon.

Last updated: 29/01/2021

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