Day 2: GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS


GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Figure 1: PHUSICOS webinar participants (TU Munich)

This blog is representing the participation of GISTeck Team in the global agenda of resolving climate change issues throughnature based solutions. Due to Covid-19 situation the workshop has been held virtually via zoom platform. Following is the description of Day 2 activities of the webinar attended by GISTeck Team.

Figure 2: PHUSICOS webinar agenda of 8 Days

Day 2 NBS Cases

On the second day of the workshop, four presentations were given to the participants in order to grasp the topic and its physical implementations with the help of real on-going projects. The very first presentation started with the explanation about five PHUSICOS Nature Bases Solutions implementation sites worldwide by Mr. Andres Solheim– Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), Norway.

Figure 3: Five cases of PHUSICOS presented by expert speaker around the globe

He explained about the real risks, challenges and solutions to implement the NBS by PHUSICOS in five potential case studies as shown in the figure above. Here a brief concept of just one of the case study will be explained. In order to get the full information on all five case studies of PHUSICOS the following link would guide you through:

Exemplary Case study of Serchio river basin, Italy, this project was driven to tackle the heavy flooding in the Massaciuccoli’s lake and its impacts on surrounding residential and agricultural infrastructure due to heavy rain and snow. The following image depicts the situation during the flooding drought conditions of the area.

Figure 4: On the left Lake Massaciuccoli area during the flood of December 2009. On right, Lake Massaciuccoli area during the drought of July 2017

More details of the project can be gathered from the following links:

The second and most interesting presentation for me was about the Databases of nature based solutions for the case of PHUSICOS. This is an ongoing project and this web platform is still under construction, however, it was the most interesting part for me in the whole session today. This presentation was delivered by Audrey Baills – Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM- literally: Geological and mining research bureau), France.

The full presentation can be found in the following link:

The third presentation was on the NBS designs, it was presented by Annelies de Nijs – Agence Ter, Paris, France. The aim of this presentation was to give a deep knowledge on the designing aspects of the nature based solutions.

Last presentation of the day 2 was on the knowledge transfer potential of online data pools on Nature-based Solutions given by Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed, TU Munich, Germany. In this presentation a bunch of links were provided to get the access on the online freely available data about NBS. Moreover, an analysis was made to check the quality of different open source datasets. On the basis of the comparison to the other online platforms providing datasets the most commonly used variables were identified. In a nut shell, the quality of these web platform, having a ton of details was suppressed as compared to the quality of those online platforms, that used less no. of variable and more specific context related information.

Finally, three cases were prepared by the organizers for the group assignment for the next one and half hour. This group assignment and self-study session concluded the day 2 of the workshop.

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