Day 5: GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS


GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS

Technical University of Munich, Germany

This blog is representing the participation of GISTeck Team in the global agenda of resolving climate change issues through nature based solutions. Due to Covid-19 situation the workshop has been held virtually via zoom platform. Following is the description of Day 5 activities of the webinar attended by GISTeck Team.

Day 5 NBS Governance

Day 5 started with the greetings and explanation on the deliverables from participants in the form of a formal 15 minutes of presentation that would take place after the weekend on the day 6 of the workshop.

The first lecture was on the Governance of nature based solutions presented by Juliette Martin-IIASA, Austria. The lecture is given in a recorded form to make it accessible for later understanding through the following link:

It was a good start for day 5, to introduce with a new direction in NBS i.e. Governance. which includes the participation of community and all impacted stakeholders by the project to be informed and addressed properly beforehand.

The next presentation was given by Dr. Frank Heuester, Reconnect, Germany on the Stakeholder participation and mapping. Where he has provided ways, how stakeholder can be educated, informed, and involved in NBS projects and what can be gaps which should be take into accounts dealing with stakeholders throughout phases of a project. The presentation link is given below.

Living labs (for co-designing NBSs)

  • Approaches, Stakeholder roles and methods for co-design

This presentation was given by organizers where they have provided a comprehensive historical background and interesting facts about the NBS evolution through out the mankind history. Where Increasing societal demand for inclusive mode of planning, project design and implementation, both to be listened too, but also to create new, innovative solutions for nature and river were interestingly provided. Because EU policies strongly encouraging collaborative approaches by including citizens and civil society into the design and implementation as a key strategy: idea – innovation and development of new, creative solutions – leadership in this field

Further material for reading

Day 5 ended with the guidelines on the presentations that will be delivered by the participant on day 6. Whole day 6 is dedicated towards participant’s case studies description and feedback.

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