Day 3: GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS


GISTeck Team Participation: PHUSICOS Summer School Workshop on NBS

Technical University of Munich, Germany

This blog is representing the participation of GISTeck Team in the global agenda of resolving climate change issues through nature based solutions. Due to Covid-19 situation the workshop has been held virtually via zoom platform. Following is the description of Day 3 activities of the webinar attended by GISTeck Team.

Figure 1: PHUSICOS webinar agenda of 8 Days

Day 3 NBS and Natural Hazards

Third day of the workshop started with participant’s presentations from the second day of the joint assignment. After presenting the cases on which each group from the participants have worked, an open discussion slot was given to everyone. In this open discussion round all the questions from the yesterday’s cases were clarified by Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed (organizer of the workshop).

In the next step a lecture was delivered to the participants from Prof. Karl Matthias Wantzen – UNESCO Chair River Culture on the topic of ‘human relationship to floods’. He presented a unique idea with some amusing facts in an entertaining way. In his whole presentation he was trying to prove that the flooding and natural hazards are not risks rather they teach us how to live by adapting these mishaps. For example, he talked about the flooding in Amazonia Jungle where the animals adapt to the flooding situation and survive after the clearance of flood. The flood in Amazonia is 7 meters high and aunts build the water proof layers around their nest and other insects climb upon the trees to survive. In a similar way we as humans also should not interface in the course of the river and river bank restoration projects should not be carried out. However, we must adapt ourselves and our living places according to the natural course and systems of earth.

After this presentation there were two more presentations organized by the PUSHICOS workshop team. At 11:30 Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed who work at TU Munich delivered her insights on Urban and rural Solutions: case of river restoration topic. Supplementary material related to the presentation can be found in the following link:

The next presentation topic was about the general understating on urban and peri-urban areas in nature based solutions. Martina has presented this topic in a very interesting and clarifying style.

In-between these presentations, breakout sessions were provided to exchange the knowledge attained on the delivered topics among 3 to 4 participants at a time by giving 5 minutes to discuss. The day 3 ended after Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed remarks on the whole day’s contributions of participants and explanations on the tasks for self-study. Supplementary material for the self-study are given below:

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