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Each application icon makes your mobile home-screen vivid, and apps linking makes switching between the appropriate app easier. However, wouldn’t it be easier to have one application simply? Well, you will have the option to discover it soon as the new app announcement has been buzzing in the GIS industry ever since. Thus, In July 2020, during the virtual conference of Esri’s users introduced further software improvements and announced the ArcGIS Mobile applications called ArcGIS Field Maps. This application gives you the leverage to explore and investigate maps, assemble and communicate data, and carry out GIS evaluation in the field by freely downloading it from Google Play Store, Apple app store, Amazon app store, and Windows Marketplace and thus broadening the scope of your enterprise GIS to a more extensive crowd, reaching from the workplace to the field.

Though ArcGIS Field Maps is the latest app for Smartphones and Tablets being developed by Esri, however, their specifications are not new and are at present performed under specific field applications as:

  1. ArcGIS Collector allows you to gather and update data in the field. You can even alter information when you have restricted or no connectivity.
  2. Explorer for ArcGIS permits you to take your association’s digital maps with you to anyplace and anytime. It helps you use a current map to discover resources and areas of interest or perceive the surrounding region. It endorses your spatial awareness and understanding when performing assessments, reacting to natural catastrophic events, or taking part in different activities that profit by spatial context.
  1. Navigator for ArcGIS allows you to route to your assets and navigate offline to where you need to be, unlock efficiency, and improve your field workforce reliability. The application encourages you to navigate legitimately to your benefits, utilizing a mix of business road information and your affiliation’s legitimate data.Navigator for ArcGIS
  2. Tracker for ArcGIS encourages you to know what happens in the field and empower those in the field to share their area tracks so you can know where everyone is and where they have been.Tracker for ArcGIS
  3. Workforce for ArcGIS helps you improve workforce productivity and coordination. You can manage a complete view of your field operations that helps dispatchers allocate jobs efficiently and gives field workers the information they need to complete their tasks.

Thus, operating multiple apps will create many challenges for the mobile user because it not only needs them to download and sign in to each app exclusively but also to determine which apps they need to meet their requirement. Working in offline mode, the user will need to download numerous copies of maps and data.

In light of these arguments, the ArcGIS Field app will consolidate the accompanying capabilities of the above apps into one user-friendly application, facilitating the acquisition of high precession of field data, map surveying, and examination using mark up, location tracking, and turn by turn navigation with battery optimization of the device. Therefore, having this application will spare time and energy for the mobile users because they will need to work, perform field tasks, and configure maps with one app. Moreover, it will save room on your phones by eradicating data duplication requirements. Also, it makes a close harmonization among the workstation, and the field by via one web application/mobile application copulate.

This application is presently accessible for beta testing, and Esri has expressed that the arrival of Field Maps will come in three stages. The following is a depiction of each phase.

  • Phase 1: Combining Collector, Explorer, and Tracker

This first phase is going to combine the functionality of Explorer, Collector, and Tracker. You will have all the current information capturing the functionality of Collector plus the ability to mark-up the map and track users’ locations. The one enhancement coming to this release will be new smart forms on the ArcGIS platform. These forms can be used by mobile users to gather information and carry out field assessments. These forms will be kept within the map to enable more building capabilities across the web and desktop platforms.

The smart form will comprise of primary three capabilities:

  1. Groups are a form with fields of name and description to sort and organize data; fields can be collapsed and expand according to the information required for observations.
  2. Conditional Visibility allows applying logical and analytical expressions to data for disclosing the information needed.
  3. Required Fields specifies mobile users, whether to add values to fields or not.
  • Phase 2: Workforce coordination

This mobile application is task-oriented, comprising of a checklist in a map within a web application that encourages you to make and designate tasks for analysis.

  • Phase 3: Turn-by-turn navigation

 In the final phase apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps from the ArcGIS Field Maps app will be released for customer navigation. It will offer navigation capabilities to the venture into field maps to get turn-by-turn navigation facilities through map contents.

If you have not joined Esri’s Early Adopter program yet, you can look at it here. The smart form builder is currently in private beta and not accessible through the Early Adopter program. Just the Field Maps app is available for testing.

The app is fabricated generally on the Collector coding leaving the user interfacing, looking almost exactly to what you are familiar with. Being a trainer, this will make the transition easier on your field data collectors.



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