Who we are

GISTECK is the medium that provides updates and deep understanding starting from the basics of the emerging Geographic Information Technologies and Building information modelling with their assisting software.

With the help of online website, videos, social media we offer the knowledge of the latest technology trends of GIS and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Engineering and Planning systems. The efforts of the expert authors and guest contributors from across the spectrum and an advisory team of thoughtful leaders give us a unique hold in the GIS and BIM industry.

Our Mission

GISTECK Platform is designed for everyone who is affiliated to the excellence of work in geography, urban planning, regional planning, mining, transportation planning, landscape planning, environmental engineering, civil engineering, architecture, urban development, Building physics and so on. We believe that a good platform helps with minimum effort to find required assistance during use of any new software its updates and relevant tutorials. The agenda is to provide a quick introduction to the softwares and keep you informed with the latest updates.

GISTECK is a reliable source of information for professionals which provides missing linkages for geospatial industry stakeholders to interact several innovative features such as, news, guest blogs, case studies, videos, articles, interview, and events.

GISteck Webinars

GISTECK Webinars are an excellent way to interact with your prospective ambitions based on latest software, hardware, geo-data/data, and services. It offers the right platform for you to invest in, to reach out to wide audience, and connect to the world of technology.

Grow with Us

Our expert team of writers and content creators is now at your access. We can create spatial analysis, BIM Modelling, Simulations (flood risk, building damages etc.), content writing, blogs, technology articles, suitable case studies, promotional videos, newsletters and even magazines — as per your requirement. All you have to do; is to share your ideas and reference material and we will take of the rest.

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